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Provicenter provide and efficient and cost-effective solutions to alcoholic beverage brands owners inside of United State.


To compliance with all local and federal alcohol regulations for each brands inside United State. Provide all process related to invoicing , collections assistance, Inventory control inspections, tax reporting and taxes payment monthly.



State Regulations: Depends on each Local body within the State


Alcohol and Tabaco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)

  • Process trademark permits.

  • Federal Label Legalization.

  • Approval of Federal Alcohol Management. Regulations for international brands that wish to market within the United States.

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Department of business & Professional Regulation (DBPR)

  • Permisology and DBPR labels Compliance

  • Management & Administration Tax liquors payments ( According TTB / DBPR Law )

Brand Support 

  • Invoicing

  • Collection Assistance

  • Control Inventory

  • Inspections regulations

  • Taxes reporting and  payments


Import services from Origin to Final Destination anywhere in the United States.

We support, coordinate  and  provide  services for transportation from Origin to final destination within the United States, Maritime or Air Transit, Customs and Compliance, Internal Connection within the USA (Last Mile). Delivery to our Warehouses or Other Warehouses within the United States.

  • Origin connection from your facilities Freight Forwarding Services

  • Sea Transport and Air Transport 

  • Customs Release Support and paperwork 

  • Destination Logistics & Final Delivery


Controlled Temperature Facility

Pallets or Cases Warehouse 

  • Container upload ( Pallet or Floor Stacked )

  • Monthly Fee ( Case or Pallet )

  • Fulfillment

  • Repacking

  • Returning Orders

  • Inventory

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 Same Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery ( Cut Off Time 16:00 )

Miami Dade , West Palm Beach , Broward coverage

Orlando Area ( One Time a week )

New York Metropolitan Area and New Jersey

Emergency Delivery services ( Special Rate Apply )

Sample Case Pick Up

Mixed Items Preparation

Business Management Tool

PROVICENTER  provides a suite of proprietary business management tools to enable clients to enhance productivity and compete more successfully in the marketplace.

  • Online Reporting

  • Industry Connect

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Depletion/Retail Account Data

  • Management Dashboard

  • Expense Management

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Trend Analysis

  • User Management

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